Alzheimer Bulgaria held multiplier events for dissemination of the results of the Erasmus+ project “3d4elderly”

On the 28-th and the 29-th of September Alzheimer Bulgaria Association held two multiplier events for dissemination of the results of the Erasmus+ project “3d4elderly”.

On the first day, the association invited Bulgarian stakeholders such as representatives of the Bulgarian Ombudsman, representatives of the Bulgarian Red Cross, managers of homes for elderly people, etc. to the office of the Association. On the second day, Alzheimer Bulgaria held another event for students from universities who specialize in the field of social work and psychology as well as for political figures and representatives of public institutions.

During the events, representatives of Alzheimer Bulgaria presented the project describing its context, goals, and the implemented activities. They showed to the participants the developed games from the project and explained the rules and the methodology for each game. After this, the participants were shown the 3D printer and how it works.

Irina Ilieva, the executive secretary of the organization, talked about the need for non-medical therapies in the care of people with dementia in Bulgaria. She pointed out that the quality of care is poor and people with dementia need activities that stimulate their cognition (as the ones created throughout the project).

There was also a discussion among the participants about the needs of the people with dementia, their current situation, and the need for legislative improvements that can ensure a better quality of care.

Alzheimer Bulgaria will continue to use the created products of the project in the work for people with dementia. The members of the Association believe that this project is another step toward creating a Dementia Friendly Society in which every person with dementia has a quality and happy life!

Find more information about the “3d4elderly” project HERE