Alzheimer Bulgaria Association took part in the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference

Alzheimer Bulgaria Association took part in the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference, which was held hybrid from 17th to 19th October in Bucharest and online and attended by 544 participants from 42 countries. The program included over 250 presenters who shared their research, knowledge, and experience.

The discussions at the Conference focused on issues related to the statistically expected increasing number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in the coming decades and people with dementia fleeing war and needing care. The discussions also highlighted the limited ability of some European countries to provide a good standard of care due to a lack of public awareness of dementia, the outward migration of skilled health workers, insufficient knowledge and collaboration between professional groups and the weakening of traditional family support.

One of the other main themes was besides developing good care for people with dementia, the development of primary prevention plans to reduce the expected rising number of those affected. Along with this, it was noted that patients increasingly want information, so doctors need tools and training to help them support them in communicating disease risks.

Alzheimer Bulgaria presented two of its projects during the online module “Virtual oral presentations”- “3d4elderly” and “Smart Against Ageism”.

Petya Nikolova, a member of the association, presented the project “3d4elderly” – creating new care tools” drawing attention to the valuable implementation of modern technological tools in the process of care for people with dementia. The project focuses on stimulating the cognitive abilities of people with dementia through games for modeling and memory enhancement.

A presentation was also prepared by Kalina Ekova, who drew attention to another Erasmus+ project, the association is working on – “Smart Against Ageism” – an awareness-raising game. SAA aims to develop an educational game that “puts you in the shoes” of an older person, with the aim of creating a non-discriminatory attitude towards the older part of society.

During the Conference, a General Assembly was also organized and attended by the Executive Director of Alzheimer Bulgaria – Irina Ilieva. The discussion was focused on the theme “Rethinking dementia as a priority in care, policy, and research”.