“3D4elderly” – Dissemination events in September

In early 2021, Alzheimer Bulgaria launched the 3D4ELDERLY project – 3D printing to create innovative ways of learning for caregivers and staff members who care for people with Alzheimer’s and older people with dementia.

During the two years of work, the project partners BETI from Lithuania, CETEM from Spain and CEIPES from Italy were able to create a platform for the project website with 15 games developed, which was one of the intended outcomes.

The proposed games provide caregivers and staff members in residential services, as well as family caregivers, with appropriate tools to communicate and provide quality care for people with dementia. In addition to the direct benefits for people with dementia and their formal and informal carers, this project has succeeded in establishing cooperation and partnership at European level between professionals from different fields. Lifelong learning was promoted and the competencies of staff and trainers working in both health, social and technological fields were improved. Synergistic cooperation for the benefit of older people with dementia was created. 

As associate partners for Bulgaria in this project were involved Residential Care “St. Lazar” in Slavyanovo, Home for the elderly “Long Life” – Sofia, “Institute for Social Services in the Community”, “Global Initiative in Psychiatry”, “Compassion Alzheimer Foundation”, “Institute of Robotics” at BAS.

The use of new technology such as 3D printing in residential services and long-term care was encouraged.

The created games were tested in Bulgaria both by members of the Alzheimer Bulgaria Civic Association who care for their relatives and by a group of people accommodated in a specialized home for people with dementia.

The positive results of this testing greatly motivate us to continue our active work to include these games in the standardized care system for people with dementia. We strongly hope that the materials developed in this project will support the development of national dementia care strategies based on the principles of social inclusion, creative engagement and cognitive stimulation for people with dementia.

The results of the project will be presented at two meetings. The first meeting will be on 28 September 2022 (Thursday) at 13.00 in Sofia, str. Tsar Simeon 37. We have invited representatives of state and municipal authorities, as well as professionals from the helping professions. We will demonstrate how to use the 3D printer to make stimuli for people with dementia, and we will present the methodology for working with the materials and how they help the person with dementia to continue to be independent by stimulating memory, attention, and cognition.

At the second meeting, we will invite the students from the Psychology and Social Work specialties at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” to introduce the young people to the novelties and the future of the work in the residential services.