Workshop “Enhancing the quality of life, cognitive functioning, and communication of persons with dementia

Alzheimer Bulgaria Association in collaboration with the professor of psychology Felix Diaz from the American University in Bulgaria organized a workshop about “Enhancing the quality of life, cognitive functioning, and communication of persons with dementia”.

The workshop is designed by Professor Diaz and aims at bringing to the everyday work of formal and informal caregivers for persons with dementia the principles and procedures of some established assessment and intervention techniques. The purpose is to explore with the participants how they can apply the techniques in their everyday work in practical ways. It is taken into account the improvement in the quality of life of the patient not to be detrimental to the caregiver, but to benefit everybody in the home and in the professional relation.

The aim of the workshop was not only to promote an approach to dementia but also to obtain information about the life, conditions, and competencies of the families with a person with dementia in Bulgaria. This is a step forward in improving the quality of life of the people affected by dementia in Bulgaria, raising awareness, and creating a network between the families.

The workshops were held in three cities in Bulgaria and proved to be very beneficial for the participants (in their own opinions). They were able to share their personal stories, receive practical advice on their specific cases, and learn more person-centered approaches towards persons with dementia. All participants received certificates. Alzheimer Bulgaria Association and the American University of Bulgaria will continue their work together in future initiatives.

The workshop was funded by the Open Society University Network and also received support from Telus International Europe.