Launch of the Erasmus+ project “Smart Against Ageism” (SAA)

Negative attitudes about aging and older age make life on average 7,5 years shorter.

Negative stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination on the ground of age are known as “ageism”, which has been shown to cause cardiovascular stress, lowered levels of self-efficacy and decreased productivity. Across the EU, policies and practices still reflect ageist prejudices and deprioritise, disregard, or even exclude older adults.

Our newest Erasmus+ project Smart Against Ageism (SAA) focuses on fighting ageism!

SAA | Smart Against Ageism

SAA is a gaming tool to raise knowledge against ageism and will contribute to develop empathy, tolerance and civil society skills. An interactive learning platform with a high-quality game, a compendium, a trainer manual and policy recommendations for a more inclusive society will be made available for informal and non-formal learning free of charge.   SAA will contribute to restore the image of older adults as full citizens with potential to benefit their communities and remove the barriers to their social participation.

Our consortium joins Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria and The Netherlands in a creative and engaged team working together from January 2022 to June 2024!