Alzheimer Bulgaria Association will present the Erasmus+ projects “3d4elderly” and “Smart Against Ageism” at the 32-nd Alzheimer Europe Conference

Alzheimer Bulgaria Association is preparing materials for the 32-nd Alzheimer Europe Conference. The Conference will be held from 17th to 19th October in Bucharest. This year, ABA will present two of its projects “3d4elderly” and “Smart Against Ageism” during the online module of the Conference “Virtual Oral Presentations” on the 17th of October.

Petya Nikolova, a member of ABA, will make a presentation on the topic “3D4elderly – creation of new tools for care”. She will talk about ABA’s work on the project on training and support by presenting new tools in the care for people with dementia through the usage of technology.

The project aims to create innovative learning pathways that increase the quality of the work of caregivers and staff members dealing with people with Alzheimer and elderly people with dementia and also to raise the quality of life of people with dementia by using 3D technology.

The project introduces an innovative approach to tackle one of the first symptoms of a person with Alzheimer’s: short-term memory loss. 3D printing will help these people by offering them a multisensory experience thanks to the tools created. The 3D printing helps for the creation of games for improvement of memory that are dementia friendly and easy to use and comprehend.

The presentation of Kalina Ekova, a member of ABA, is on the topic “Smart Against Ageism – a game for raising awareness on ageism”. She will talk about ABA’s work on the project on developing a dementia-friendly society and raising awareness on the need for tolerance and empathy.

SAA aims to contribute to a better social inclusion of older adults by developing an educational game that will introduce the users to the perspectives of older people concerned by or at risk of discrimination and segregation, and will thus contribute to developing empathy, tolerance of diversity and civil society skills.

SAA is a gaming tool to raise knowledge against ageism and will contribute to develop empathy, tolerance and civil society skills. An interactive learning platform with a high-quality game, a compendium, a trainer manual and policy recommendations for a more inclusive society will be made available for informal and non-formal learning free of charge. SAA will contribute to restoring older adults’ image as full citizens with potential to benefit their communities and remove the barriers to their social participation. This will be a step towards creating a dementia-friendly society.

We are eagerly waiting to present our work during the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference! Stay tuned!

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